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*Note: This document is living and is updated regularly.

Activities of the Council

  • Meeting biweekly (or more often when needed) to discuss graduate student concerns and concerns/requests from administration

  • Surveying the greater math graduate student population to inquire about comments or concerns that need to be addressed by the administration

  • Aiding in transportation/accommodations for incoming graduate students

  • Meeting with potential graduate students to discuss the FSU math department graduate programs and more generally graduate student life at FSU

  • Assisting with Graduate Student Research Week and the Graduate Student Picnic each Spring, and Orientation Week in the Fall, either through volunteering or garnering interest among the greater graduate student population


Joining the Council

New members are added to the council to replace graduating/departing members. Membership should strive to maintain equal representation across departmental areas and should strive for diversity in gender expression, nationality, race, etc. Membership is open to any Math graduate student who has met the following conditions:

  • received a nomination from a current GSC member during the second to last meeting of the semester

  • passed all Qualifying exams for their area

  • received a unanimous vote of approval from current members of the council

Maintaining Membership 

To maintain membership in the GSC, members must be considered active in meetings, activities, and communication. Reasons for removal from the council include the following:

  • Missing two of the scheduled meetings in a given semester without providing a reasonable excuse (teaching conflict, medical emergency, etc.)

  • Not responding to email correspondences on 2 occasions (e.g., not filling out surveys to plan for meetings)

  • Never or rarely volunteering for departmental activities assisted with by the council for a given semester

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Elected Positions

There are 4 positions with specific roles elected in the council: two co-chairs, a secretary, and a social media manager.

The Executive Positions and Roles:

  1. Co-chairs are elected during the second to last meeting of the semester in alternating semesters such that each co-chair serves for a full academic year, but no two co-chairs begin their term in the same semester. Duties include:
    --Leading council meetings 
    --Consolidating information from meetings to present to the administration 

    --Communicating administration needs to the rest of the council.

  2. A secretary is elected for a year-long term each Spring. Duties include:
     --Taking minutes at meetings and emailing out minutes to members  after meetings                                                                                   
     --Keeping track of meeting/activity attendance 
    reating/Distributing flyers when needed

  3. A social media manager is elected for a year-long term each Fall. Duties include:
    -- Maintaining the GSC website and social media page with current and up-to-date members' information; update monthly along with meeting timeline  
    --Expanding the GSC social media when needed (e.g., adding videos                    answeri
    ng common grad school questions)


Voting for Executive Positions

  • In the case where there are 2 or more nominations up for the same position, voting will be online and anonymous to all but the executive members who are not up for election.

  • In the case where there is only one nomination for a position, in-person voting will be carried out.

    • Those who wish to object the nominated party should send an email including an alternate nominee.​

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